Water Efficient Landscaping

Our water conservation garden.Increasing our Drought Resistance

We’ve recently updated our Water Efficient Garden to include a wide array of plants that are California native. Although our plants have always been native to Southern California, we wanted to update our garden with plants that are even more drought tolerant due to the crisis Californians are currently facing. General Manager Jim Prior wants this garden “to be representative of the type of responsible gardening we hope to see spread across the San Gabriel Valley.”

Our Water Conservation Garden can be used when teaching lessons that align with the California Teaching Standards.Aligns with California Standards 

Teachers from the surrounding areas are encouraged to bring in classrooms to use our garden for an engaging and hands on lesson enhancement. We have resources to help you teach your class about water conservation, ecology, and life science that can easily be adapted to support the California Next Generation Science Standards. Your students will learn about responsible gardening as well as how they can take an active role in how to save water at home. Some of the water saving tools that can be demoed for your students are our drip system and specialized hose nozzles.

Learn more about the plants that are featured in our Succulent and Water Conservation Gardens.

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