Are We Ready for Rain?

The effects of a flood can range from being a costly nuisance to something much more serious.

Staying safe during a rainy season, especially one like El Niño, starts with checking these items off your list:

  • Create an Emergency Plan
    Keeping your family safe starts with communication, so make sure you have a plan of action in case of an emergency. A set of emergency supplies and contact information should always be in an accessible place for everyone.
  • Prune Tree Branches
    Trees can become dangerous in stormy weather, especially if they have large branches. Have your trees pruned before the rainy season starts in order to prevent branches from falling.
  • Use Sand Bags, Mulch, and Rain Barrels
    Sand bags and mulch help prevent mudslides while rain barrels help you collect water that can be used later for non-potable purposes. Check with your city to find out if you can get these tools for free or receive a rebate after purchasing your own.
  • Check Your Roof for Leaks
    If you notice any discoloration in your ceilings, they may be caused by a roof leak. Take care of these issues before they become a huge expense!
  • Clean Rain Gutters and Storm Drains
    Clear water channels mean less flooding on or near your property. Keep these areas clear of debris to make sure water doesn’t pool up around your home.
  • Maintain Your Car
    Make sure that your car’s tires, windshield wipers, and headlights are in good condition and working properly. They are your primary set of defenses against rainy weather while driving!
  • Stay Alert
    Be a good neighbor and speak up if you notice something that could be potentially hazardous during a rainstorm. If your mobile device is Wireless Emergency Alert capable, make sure these emergency alerts are turned on.

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